Vitoxin – EVElopedia – The EVE Online Wiki

November 9, 2010

The following article was commissioned by CCP Games as an expansion of a in-game “scientific paper” I wrote documenting one alliance’s research into a cure for “The Vitoc Method,” a method of slavery which administers a deadly virus to a slave that requires a daily, addictive cure.

In the expanded paper, I did my utmost to capture the cultural flavor of the Minmatar Republic and their tribal approach to science. I also kept the science as believable as I could, which required some fairly deep research. Some “hand-waving” had to be employed as obviously, in the realm of science fiction, not everything will necessarily fit into explanations from modern science, and it was important that the piece remain consistent with pre-existing lore in the game.

Vitoxin – EVElopedia – The EVE Online Wiki.

While certain other aspects of this article and other pieces of work related to it are covered by NDA, CCP agreed that it would be impossible to disguise the fact that I had written it and said I could refer to it on my CV and portfolio.


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