Pre-Wedding Jitters – The Reality

September 16, 2010

“Whoah! Whoah! Hey, I thought I’m not supposed to see the bride at all the night before the wedding?” Ian was laughing, resolutely keeping his back turned to the little blonde who was pressed close against his spine, arms reaching around his body and fending off his efforts to catch them with playful slaps.

“So keep your eyes closed! I have a solution to all our problems.” Dolly was half-laughing, half-exasperated as she tried to focus on tugging off the item of his clothing that had her attention.

“If it’s that ridiculous hoodie and mask you came in wearing, I’m not sure it’s a solution I want!” He finally stopped trying to blindly catch her wrists, lightly caressing her forearm with the back of one finger as he felt her hands brush near his face.

“It’s not.” Pulling his scarf loose, she tied it firmly across his eyes. “There! Can you see at all now?”

“Nope! But you’re making me want to!”

“That’s nothing…” In the darkened room, there was the long sound of a zipper unfastening, followed by the soft thud of cloth falling to the floor.


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